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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Waiting In The Wings

Today, I got groceries. That is no small feat! I get three weeks worth at a time and I put forth much planning and list making. Then after several stores have been shopped at and every bag is brought in the house, I can be found repackaging things for freezing and picking chickens(as Paula Deen says) to have the cooked meat ready for recipes over the next few weeks. After I was done, I decided to bake something. Crazy, right? But somehow, baking relaxes me after a long day. Tonight I made lemon blueberry bars from Create and Decorate magazine. They were relatively easy and yum-they were good! The family approved so the recipe is a keeper. On the crafting front, I have many projects ready to roll. I just need a boost to get going, like a jump start! Do you remember I mentioned the Pretty Little series by lark books? Well, I am crazy about this little pillow that looks like two lovebirds' initials carved in a tree. The book it is in is Pretty Little Presents. I found the perfect fabric for the faux wood. I decided to use unbleached or even tea-dyed muslin for the part where I will embroider our initials. I also think I will use buttons from my collection instead of covering buttons to match the front. I love taking a project and tweaking it to make it mine. I also have a couple of projects from One Yard Wonders ready to start. I love that book too. Tomorrow maybe I will snap a couple of pictures of those. It is late and I am tired. I can feel my energy shutting down, so I will give in(a rarity I assure you) and go to bed. Nancy

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