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Friday, July 9, 2010

I Finally Did It

I have been following crafting blogs for a long time. After much urging from many of you to de-lurk, I have worked up the courage to start my own blog. I love to knit, crochet and sew and paint so, hopefully, I will have much to share. I tend to be a great planner of projects-I buy the supplies and get ready. I just have trouble actually starting the many projects I have ready to begin! I was hoping this blog would shame me into doing them!
Just a little about me-I have a wonderful husband of 20 years and 2 sons aged 19 and 15. I live in upstate NY where we get some brutal winters but some gorgeous fall colors. I work part-time at a school with 4 year-olds and have done so for going on 10 years.
My crafting is very important to me and I am always branching out to learn new things. I hope you will drop in and leave a comment from time to time because I would love to get to know you and count you as my on-line friends. Nancy


  1. Hi Nancy,
    Welcome to blog land!! You are going to have so much fun. I've met the most wonderful women from all over the world through blogging. We have a little bit in common. I am from Rhode Island (but travel upstate to visit family), have 2 teenagers 19 and 17, although mine are girls. I love to sew/craft and I can see by your profile picture you like Disney World. If you have any questions or need something, feel free to email me. This is a great community of people who just love to share and inspire, so I'm happy you've joined in on the fun.
    Hope to talk with soon,

  2. You go girl!! Welcome to the blogging world :)