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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Much to Catch Up On....

Hi everyone and happy Sunday night.  I have had a lengthy absence again-more health issues and my computer crashed.  I am just going to jump right in with some recent copycat crafting and baking.

I don't know about you, but I love going out for dinner.  My husband and I try to go out for dinner every Friday night.  After a long work week, we are usually ready to kick back and let someone else do the cooking and cleaning up.  We have a set four or five restaurants we go to.  Because we are trying to keep to our budget and be able to go once a week, we don't order appetizers or dessert.  We went out to Olive Garden last week and I had to order chocolate mousse cake to take home.  I have been reintroducing chocolate back into my diet because I am not entirely sure it has been the culprit as my stomach problems have persisted long after giving it up.   Anyhow, the chocolate mousse cake is to die for.  As I was taking a bite of it here and there Friday night after we got home, it dawned on me that it reminded me of something else I have made before.  So I set out to make a copycat version of it Saturday and I feel I was pretty successful.  I bought a box of dark chocolate brownie mix and prepared it like it instructed on the package.  I baked it for a little less than it called for so it would be more cake-like.  I cooled it completely and set about mixing two packages of dream whip topping mix, a cup of milk and a splash of vanilla in a deep bowl.  After whipping it until stiff peaks formed, I added two small packages of chocolate instant pudding and 1 3/4 cups of milk.  I continued whipping until it was mousse-like in consistency and smooth and fluffy.  I piled it on the cooled brownies and spread it around.  I sprinkled with chocolate jimmies and there you have it.  Refrigerate and serve.  It is delicious and I think I will now be able to resist ordering dessert at the Olive Garden again!  Now if I could just find a substitute for Red Lobster's crustless cheesecake!

Now I want to share two jewelry sets I made.  I started out with two necklaces I saw on the Anthropologie website.  They were so pretty but I believe they were around $100 each!  I knew I could make something similar for very little money.  Above are pictured my creations.  Here are my inspirations.

  What do you think?  I even made earrings to match my necklaces.  I was really happy with how they turned out.  The only problem I am having is what to do with all the jewelry I make.  There is only so much I can keep and wear.  I give quite a bit as gifts, but there are only so many gift giving occasions!  I may have to get brave and look into selling my jewelry.  I am not sure why it scares me, but it does.

Well, the weather is getting nice here.  I am counting down to the end of the school year.  My class graduates June 24 and I have the rest of that week to work without kids.  I just missed 8 days in a row of work due to illness so it was difficult to get back in the swing of things.  This three day weekend helped me continue to rest up.  I hope you all have a great week ahead.  Take care.    Nancy