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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Special Day

First of all, I want to tell you that today was a very special day: my youngest son turned 16 today. I am so proud of the kind of young man he has become. We had a nice day and a family party this evening. My older son, who is 19, took him to lunch. Every birthday in our house is accompanied by your choice of dinner and dessert . My 16 year old chose bacon chili cheese dog burgers(say that 3 times fast!) and onion rings. He wanted white cake and chocolate frosting with chocolate trifecta ice cream. He got some video games and we got him a St. Christopher medal engraved with a special message from us on the back. He also got money and some hilarious cards. To cap it off, my husband put a window air conditioner in his room. Now he will sleep better tonight. I think he had a great day! Next, I want to do some bragging on my husband. He is a very talented man and I am so proud of him. I had outgrown my dining room hutch. It was becoming difficult to get to the things I was storing in there because I had them dangerously stacked. In January, we looked at new hutches, but couldn't find any that were right for my needs or taste(or budget!). So he came up with a plan to make me a built-in. I love it so much. It is perfect in every way. I can't believe he made this from scratch. He made the doors just as I wanted so I can put glass in the insets or fabric or chicken wire if I want to. My old hutch is 25 years old and has sentimental value so now I am using it in the living room for storage.

He even made me a microwave cart to match. I think he should do this for a living.

I thought I would throw in a picture of a deacon's bench he made me 10 years ago.

Well, I have one more thing. Does anyone else out there in blogland love that show Wipeout? It is a recent discovery of mine(even though it is in its third season) and I am addicted. All 4 of us watch it and laugh until we cry. They say laughter is good for you-well that show is very healthy for my family then! Have a good night and take care. Nancy


  1. What a special day! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Oh I think he should at least be selling these as a side thing. they are great! I love the bench, mainly because I have a bench on the brain. I would love to have one and have been looking... and I need a custom built wall cabinet in my kitchen hahahhh!
    Can I borrow him? Just kidding!
    This is my first visit to your blog and I will return...I had fun!
    See you soon,