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Monday, July 12, 2010

Blissfully Crocheting

It's another muggy, hot day here and I am kicking back crocheting. I have to say, I am loving this yarn craft. I have been knitting since I was 7 years old. My Mom taught me. She was a very creative person. She sewed(and taught me that also), knitted and was a top-notch cook. She always told me that she simply could NOT learn to crochet-no matter what! She tried having a neighbor show her and she bought books on the subject. She just couldn't do it. You know what that means...she loved all things crochet and was secretly envious of anyone that could do it. As I got older, I tried unsuccessfully to learn also. I even bought a VHS tape from Family Circle magazine to try to teach myself. I think I was hung up on Mom's words that it was just too hard. Last year I mentioned to a good friend that I was envious of her crochet skill. She was determined to teach me and she did! I don't think I could win any contests or anything, but I love it. I have made 3 afghans-1 of which was a baby gift for my new nephew Tucker. I am making one now, a ripple, for Tucker's big sister Riley. The colors in the yarn just "screamed" Riley to me!

The two afghans pictured, the one in the basket and the blue big Granny Square, are from one of Vanna's books. The pink/multi ripple is a work in progress for Riley. Don't you love the colors? It is very soft too. I think she will love it. Mickey is sitting right behind that big ball of yarn. I think she was hoping I would become distracted so she could make off with it! I still will knit scarves, pillows, handwarmers and the occasional afghan(I wasn't a sweater knitter-I don't have the patience), but I enjoy the freedom of the crochet that I have been doing. I can really watch a movie while I am doing it. I have always loved the nostalgia of Granny Squares and I can't believe that now I can make them! Well I hope you are able to keep cool wherever you are. Take care. Nancy


  1. I want to learn to crochet so badly, but if I pick up one more hobby I'll never complete a single project. Love all the things you've made.
    It's hot and sticky here too.

  2. Welcome to blogland and I am so glad that we met. I see that you are into crocheting too. My mom taught me too, and I love it. I am making a huge afghan and have to make may different crochet blocks. I will be wonderful getting to know you.

  3. hey Nancy, I made it here! Your blog looks good. Love the crochet... I cannot seem to get the hang of it! Stay cool. We had rain last night and it is a wee (and I say, a wee) bit less humid but the temps aren't so bad today.

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