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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two for Tuesday

It is still hot and muggy up here in the northeast. I feel like I am losing contact with what is happening outside my house! I go to an appointment here and there or a lunch(or breakfast to avoid the afternoon heat) with a friend and that is about it. I stay in my air conditioned house. I don't recall a humid spell like this before- up here anyway. I am anticipating going back to work in September. Now that August is here, time will fly. My youngest will be a junior this year and my oldest is starting his second year of college. My how the time whizzes by. I want to share two projects I completed. I decided to take some of the fabric I won and make a patchwork belt. I used the instructions in the Pretty Little Patchwork book. I have also seen similar belts on blog tutorials. It was fun to pick the fabrics to put together. I got kind of carried away and made my belt a little long but that is ok because I like to sometimes wear it lower on the hips and I can tuck in the extra. I also mentioned I was making something using a tutorial from one of my favorite blogs. Well, I made this super easy and cute apron from a tutorial on Karen's blog Sew Many Ways. This will make a great apron to wear outside to hang out my clothes. I usually stuff my pockets with clothespins so I can just have them with me instead of going back to the container every few minutes. I used fabric I had on hand but there are so many great fat quarters out there, I may make another couple! I am working on a third project right now that I thought was going to be easy, and it is proving to be difficult! I am probably just having a brain cloud in regards to the directions so I will have to seek a little guidance on this one! Hopefully, I will be posting soon with my troubled project finished and perfect. Take care. Nancy


  1. That apron will be perfect for your laundry items!! I have a clothes line in my is nice to not go outside in the heat to hang things up!! I can totally feel ya on the heat wave. It is 10 or plus straight temp here in KY, and even worse with the heat index and humidity. I hope you enjoy your month before goig to work!!

  2. I love the belt and do recognize a bit of the fabric. So glad it went to such a good home!

  3. The apron could be used in so many ways. I'm thinking it would be great while crafting!