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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quilt Shop Visit

Last week, my husband and I got away for the night. As part of our excursion, my husband agreed to take me to a wonderful quilt shop. It is the Mission Rose Quiltery in Syracuse, NY. There is so much to love about this place! They have so many rooms with inspirational displays. It makes you want to make one of everything! Just look at these bag displays. I love seeing them made. It is so much better than just seeing a pattern with a picture on the front. They also have lots of yarn and knitting books. Then there are displays with needle punch and felt candle mats. I love cats and collect veggie things for my kitchen and dining room so these displays really caught my eye. The ladies that work there are so friendly and very knowledgeable. You should definitely try to stop at the Mission Rose if you are ever near Syracuse. My husband brought his laptop to play chess or watch a movie while he waited for me(what a nice guy-I am truly a lucky lady!). I totally lost track of time while I was in there. I felt like I had been in there about 20 minutes, but it had been over an hour and a half! Like I said, I am a lucky lady! I ended up buying patterns for a unique apron, pot pinchers, a tote bag and a really cute wristlet bag.

We enjoyed the rest of our getaway. We had lunch at the Olive Garden-I am anxiously awaiting ours to open locally! Then we went to a casino and tried our luck. We aren't seasoned gamblers so I would say we were fairly lucky to come out ahead twenty dollars or so! After that we went to a little lakeside community and spent the night. Neither of us slept very well, so we were very happy to get home the next morning.

When we got home, my husband wasted little time with the demolition of what will be my new and very much improved craft room. My house is filled with sheetrock dust and I can't get to my sewing machine to hem my new pants let alone have fun creating anything, but I am excited about all the space and organization I will have. I have some before and during pictures to share, but that will be later. Please drop me a comment or an email to give any craft storage tidbits you have. I would really appreciate it! Have a great week and take care. Nancy

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