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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What I Have Been Up to and Soup Too!

Hi everyone. I have been very busy with work, jury duty and the usual stuff we all do, not to mention fighting a sinus infection(again). I wanted to get this recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup to you. It is a keeper for sure! Combine in a big soup pot: 2 cans cream of chicken soup, 2 cans cream of potato soup, 1 14oz can low sodium chicken broth, 2 cups of milk, 1 can of Green Giant mexicorn, small can of chopped green chiles(if desired), and 2 shredded cooked chicken breasts. Cook and stir until it begins to simmer. Add 1 cup Mexican Blend shredded cheese and three flour tortillas cut into thin strips. Stir and serve with extra cheese and dollops of sour cream if desired. It is really, really good. Enjoy!

I wanted to throw in a picture of the swiffer duster covers I made from Sew Much Ado's wonderful tutorials. Family members are requesting them as additions to their Christmas gifts. Cleaning supplies can be fun!

Have a great week everyone and take care. Nancy


  1. Soup is good! Like the duster, I so want to try it--maybe it'll inspire the kids to do the dusting!! I can always dream.

  2. Oh yum! :o)
    Thank you for sharing your recipe with us.
    Sincerely - Tricia

  3. That soup looks so yummy! Thanks for sharin git on Mommaskindacrafty!

  4. Sounds like a great soup recipe! I will try it!

  5. That sounds delicious! We usually have soup night once a week in the winter months, so I will have to try this one.