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Saturday, November 27, 2010

And So the Christmas Holiday Begins...

Hi everyone. I hope everybody's Thanksgiving was filled with family and fun. I want to start out by thanking Kari from Craftadoodle for sending me this adorable flag. She contacted me and let me know that she drew my name to win one of her creations and let me pick which one. Check out her blog to see what she has been up to. She keeps very busy by making all kinds of cute things. Thanks again Kari.

I have been having fun making things that make my new craft room a little more colorful and functional. I made this pincushion/thread catcher from a pattern. It has been so helpful next to my machine. I am always snipping threads and dragging them with me all over the house because I just lay them off to the side. No longer! The pattern called for doll pellets to give the pin cushion a little weight to sit on the counter top. I couldn't find them locally but a lady that works at my local Jo Ann Fabrics brought in a baggie full of her own stash for me when she overheard me asking if they had them for sale there. Thanks Emily!

Now this sewing machine cover is definitely colorful but I was so disappointed that it is too tight at the bottom. I made it from a pattern and in true "Nancy" fashion, assumed that all machines are the same size and never measured my machine before I started to see if it would fit. But I am keeping it even though it looks a bit wonky when I pull it tightly down. My reasoning for keeping it is that it looks better than the white plastic cover I was using before!

I am going to sign off with a little "up close and personal" Mickey because she is just so darned cute and I couldn't resist! This is for my sister Suzie who is a fellow animal lover and gets it!

Have a wonderful weekend. I will have a fun Thanksgiving leftover recipe for you next time and I sent out my Christmas handmade gift to my exchange partner so I will have pictures of that. Take care. Nancy

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