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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Hot Cocoa Kind of Day

Happy Veteran's Day everyone. I had today off from school and jury duty so I am just puttering around. I am sure I will find my way into my craft room soon! My morning mug was filled with something a little different today. Normally, I have a cup of tea(actually several!) upon waking. But today, I made Ashlee's homemade hot chocolate recipe from I'm Topsy Turvy. Wow! It is pretty wonderful. My youngest considers himself somewhat of a hot cocoa expert and he loved it. I found cute snowman-shaped marshmallows that are French vanilla flavored. They were perfect with it.

I wanted to show off a picture of the swiffer covers I made from Sew Much Ado's great tutorial. I thought her idea was genius. They work better than the disposable, boughten ones. Now, I will make the hand duster covers that she showed.

Since I found my way to blogging, I can't believe how much I have learned from so many of you. It is such a wonderful experience. I have found recipes and crafts that have made my life and that of my family's better and richer. Thanks everyone! I just hope I can contribute here and there to this wonderful community.

I have a wonderful chicken tortilla soup recipe that was given to me by a good friend. I made it last night and it is beyond good. Hopefully, I will get it on here tomorrow.

I am so excited, I joined my first Christmas handmade gift blog exchange and I am anxiously awaiting the info about who I am making a gift for!

I leave you, as usual, with a picture of my Mickey sleeping on my bed this morning with her little face covered. She has it tough believe me! Have a good day and take care, Nancy

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  1. Your swiffer covers look great. I need to make some myself--right now we just kind of "rig" a microfiber cloth to it. It's a mess!