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Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowday Monday: No School!!

I was extremely excited to find that I didn't have to go to work today!  We call them snow days but today was technically due to the temperatures being dangerous for anyone to be outside for any length of time.  There are many children who have to wait at bus stops or walk to school.  It was 25 below zero here today. 

This past week I worked on pillowcases-several of them in fact.  I made 2 blue satin ones for hubs and me.  Then I made his and hers flannel covers for our unique pillows.  I made buckwheat hull travel pillows years ago from Martha Stewart's website so I have to make pillowcases for them because they are such a unique size. On the top of the pillow pile are my personal favorite pillows.  I LOVE those neckroll shaped pillows that have little beads in them instead of stuffing.  They conform to wherever you lay on them-in my case, my neck.    I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond.  They are a great addition to your bed pillows.  Anyhow, I made special flannel covers for ours.  I love the flannel I used for mine.  It has the cutest pink rosebuds.  I thought the pink gingham check was a nice complement. 

I also wanted to show off the newest addition to my craft room.  My good friend made me a beautiful memo board for Christmas.  She used a beautiful blue toile decorator weight fabric because she knows I am crazy for anything toile.  I love French Country(as well as lodge and cottage style decorating). 

I have many projects on the go at the moment, but I am especially excited about a new window treatment for my bathroom.  Several years ago, we redid our master bath.  We painted the walls red and all the trim was left clear pine and I wanted all the accents black wrought iron.  I found the perfect fabric at my local JoAnns and made a fabric shower curtain.  I had bought every last bit of that fabric.  When I went to sew a window treatment for the one small window, I didn't have enough.  I made do, but I was never happy with it.  Plus, because the window is right next to the closet wall, the curtain rod never even allowed for the valance to cover the moldings on the window.   I found out the name of the fabric, discovered it had been discontinued, and searched  all this time on ebay and the web to get more.  I purchased black star metal swag holders thinking this would be the way to go for that window.  Well, I finally was able to purchase several yards of the Daisy Kingdom Liberty and Melon Tossed Patchwork Star fabric.  Finally!   I am going to leave you with the before picture of the window.  Next time, I will have finished the swag and will show you the after.  I hope it is all I hope it will be! 

I hope everyone stays warm and cozy wherever you are.  Take care all!    Nancy


  1. You've been so busy! The pillowcases are great. I love the fabric story--can't wait to see the final result!

  2. I love your pillowcases! Looks like you are going to be busy with projects. I used to teach and loved having days off from work.

  3. You are a busy lady! I hope all turns out with your fabric. I'll be back to see the After.
    have a great weekend, susie