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Monday, January 10, 2011

It's A New Year!

Happy Monday everyone and Happy New Year! I couldn't wait to show you the sign my husband made for my new craft room. I had bought him a sign-making kit a while back that involved routing out the letters. I think he did a fantastic job. I love it and I love him for always thinking of me. Thanks honey!

I have made a few more than usual resolutions for 2011 and I hope I can keep at least a few of them! I am always hoping to lose a little weight(or alot)and this year as I have passed my middle forties, I am also striving for making some of my important health numbers better(cholesterol, blood pressure-you know the drill). I am trying not to be so anxious and nervous about everything and let the little things slide. Now, onto the fun resolutions....

I have a silly habit of wanting to collect things, not USE them. I will buy gorgeous dishes and be thrilled I have them and put them away in my hutch and there they will stay. I buy crafting equipment, and never actually use the things. Well, life is too short. It is time I used beautiful things that I love. I took a step in that direction this past weekend. I used two pieces of crafting equipment-one of the things I have had for years and never had it out of the box! It was a blast! I am so glad I finally stopped admiring my stuff from afar!

I made a fabric shoe bag to take my shoes to school. In the winter I spend every morning on the sidewalks at school(which oddly enough are never shoveled) getting my preschoolers off the buses they come in on. Subsequently, I wear boots with serious traction and warmth. They aren't the prettiest but they are highly functional. So, I have brought my shoes in my big tote bag every day like this:

Don't you think this is an improvement? I was proud of myself-I made it without a pattern. I just designed it and figured it out. I used my new "crafting power tools" to make matching bias tape for a drawstring casing. The rotary cutter(pictured above) was temperamental but I got the hang of it after much practicing. The bias tape maker was awesome right from the get go! I will be using that again soon. I even made a little label with my sewing machine.

It feels nice to challenge yourself to do something and follow through with it.

I hope you all have a great week. Happy crafting and take care. Nancy


  1. this is really cute! I have made shoe bags from old pant legs, just close one end, turn the other end down and sew some ribbon into it. Yours is waaaayyyyy cuter than mine.

  2. That is a cute shoe bag! I've always wondered if those bias maker thingies worked... Now I may NEED one! ;) Your label is so cute, too!