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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feeling Better and Crafting Like Crazy

Hi everyone and happy Sunday afternoon.  I am glad to be back crafting and blogging again.  This Spring has been just one illness after another.  I had the flu and that really wiped me out.  Of course, I followed it up with a delightful sinus infection for good measure!  I hope I can make it until the end of the school year as a healthy person.  Summer is usually my healthiest time of the year, so I would like to go several months without a trip to the doctor or an antibiotic. 

Well enough of my wish list and onto my finished projects. 

I think I mentioned before that I found a cute and easy game to make to work with my Pre-k students.  I made it and it was really quick to complete.  I found the instructions from Connie over at Family Home and Life .  I purchased some vinyl with the flannel backing like you would make a table cloth for your picnic table from.  I made her version of a cute little lunch bag to carry the game in.  I downloaded her label and loosely went from her patterns to cut out the components.  I didn't have tan felt for the bread so my sandwiches are going to have to be made with good old white bread.  I also used a clothespin to close my bag in place of sticky back Velcro.  I had my super husband cut out a 1 1/2 inch wood block for me and I cut out and glued on the felt pieces to make the dice.  I think my students will love it.  It cost me very little and was fun to make. 

  I also made another felt glasses case from the Woman's Day instructions I used before.  These are so easy and fun.  These sunglasses are always thrown in my school bag loose and now they have a cute little cozy to protect them.  Believe it or not, I still have glasses and sunglasses running around naked or, worse yet, in those ugly cases you get when you buy them.  I am correcting that situation one case at a time!

I know I have said before that I am involved in quite a few crafts and I didn't want to take up another one. (I don't now if I told you guys that, but I have said it.)  Anyhoo, my love for unique jewelry has lead me to attempt beading.  I have dabbled little-very little- in it, but I have gone and joined a beading club to dive in and learn all about it.  The picture above is what I received in the mail for my second kit.  I fell in love with several pairs of these earrings.  So, without further delay, here is my first pair:

I know, they look fairly simple.  Apparently I don't know my own strength because I snapped an earring wire while trying to attach the hammered part.  I am cutting myself some slack because I am new to this.  I did enjoy making them and I love the finished product.  It will be cool to actually be able to purchase and use some of the beads I have drooled over and torn myself away from in Michael's and JoAnn's. 

My goal this week is to attend all five days of school. We are having a poker party with everyone bringing food for my Mother In Law's 80th birthday coming up and I am trolling the blogs in search of what I will bring.  I hope everyone has a great week ahead.  Take care.  Nancy