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Monday, March 7, 2011

Winter's Last Stand

Well at least I am assuming it is Winter's last stand here in the Northeast!  I woke up this morning to a fabulous 2 hour delay at my school-a nice little gift that allowed me to actually feel like exercising when I could take the time to ease into it.  I enjoy the coziness of Winter.  My poor husband thinks that may because I am not in charge of the snow removal!  He may be right.  I think some nice Spring weather should be right around the corner which should boost everyone's spirits around here.

I have been sewing up a storm.  There are so many projects I want to do.  You know from previous posts how much I LOVE the One Yard Wonders book.  Well, there was a sewing machine cover in there I have been wanting to make.  I had the perfect fabric for it and this one actually would fit because I paid attention to that minor detail!  Here it is in all its one yard wonder glory!      
I love the pocket in it.  It turned out great and was really easy.  I am debating making one for my new serger.  The shape is really odd so I may actually have to calculate(oh no) but I may tackle it.  I have another yard of this adorable fabric so they would match.


I also made this glasses case.  I found a pattern in the Pretty Little Cozies book.  I probably didn't need a pattern for this but I love looking through my books for inspiration and the fit is perfect(which it may not have been if I had winged it)  I used a chenille scrap for the lining so it would be super soft and I chose this small project to do something I have always wanted to try.  I dropped the feed dogs and did some free stitching on the tea pot applique.  It was fun.  I think I would practice quite a bit before doing a quilt like that but this was a perfect way to introduce myself to that technique.  I thought I had a special machine foot for it but I couldn't figure it out so I just went ahead and did it with no foot at all!  I don't know why but I am always so proud of myself when I do something different that I have put off forever.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.  Happy crafting and take care.Nancy                                                                      


  1. Very cute sewing machine cover. I really need to make one of these; I don't have one.

    Stay warm! We are cold and snowy here in the midwest! We are ready for spring! :)


  2. What a lovely sewing machine cover, the fabric is perfect and the front pocket is such a good idea.

  3. Ooh I love the fabric!! Do you know the name? I like the addition of the front pocket as well.

  4. Love it! :) I found you through the linky party at Sew Darn Crafty... I may have to make one of these! :) I just bought my first sewing machine a few months ago and I've been sewing like a mad-woman... but I have no idea how to care for my machine lol! I imagine that dust is bad for it though... so I think I'll make it a nice little cover like yours!