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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello Again!

Well, I officially have a new craft room. I feel so fortunate and happy to have it! My husband did a fantastic job on everything. Let me give you a tour. First off, do you recognize this piece of furniture? It has taken on a few different roles in my home. It was my dining room hutch for many, many years. When my husband built me a huge built-in hutch after Christmas, I struggled to find a place for it because it has sentimental significance and I couldn't part with it. Well, with a fresh coat of white paint, it has become my fabric hutch and it is perfect! A good friend of mine came over and folded and sorted all my fabric to make it all pleasing to the eye. She did a beautiful job. Thanks Loretta! Next, I want to share my sewing area. I have counter space and I have a very comfy chair. It seems so nice to be able to sew and stop and get dinner without cleaning everything up. I can just leave it and come back to it when I can. What a luxury that is! This is my painting space. I have a great work light(essential for tole painting) and space to work on projects. All my paints are in those drawers alphabetically. I can now be organized.
This is my new and greatly improved closet. If you look back at previous pictures, you won't believe the difference. I know-I have a ton of craft books! It will be nice to be able to find the book I am looking for to make something. I even have a whole row for cookbooks.
Last, but not least, is one of my favorite features. I always wanted one of those ironing boards in the wall cabinets. I am tired of having to have my giant ironing board hauled in from the garage and having it take up half the hallway when I use it. Well-no more of that! My husband built a cabinet for the over-the-door ironing board I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond for $25. The cabinets at Lowes for ironing are almost $300. I think my hubby is a genious! This picture is with the door open. When it is closed, it matches all the other cabinets perfectly.

Well, I am so happy to share this with you. I have already started making things and I have enjoyed every minute in my new room. I have a hard time leaving it when I get in there. I had to buy myself an inexpensive clock so I could keep track of the time! In the next few days, I will start sharing what projects I am working on with you all. I am anxious to start blogging again and I have missed checking in on all of you. I have a giveaway planned for the beginning of next week to celebrate my new room. so please check back.

Happy Halloween everyone and take care. Nancy


  1. Lovely craft room Nancy! Hope you enjoy many hours of pleasure there.
    Can't wait to see your creations!

  2. Wow! It is an amazing room-I know the feeling of having to clean up the table to eat dinner so I am very jealous!! Such great ideas-maybe someday-lol and the ironing board behind the cabinet is fab! Thanks for following me!

  3. That's a great room! I can't believe how many books you have :)

  4. It's pretty and very well organized. Love it!

  5. I'm so jealous. I would love to have a craft room. Enjoy your new lovely space. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Imagine! Your very own craft room. Never having to clear away my bits and bobs because it's tea time.

    Sounds good to me!